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Reply to "Hollywood Didn’t Want to Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because It Was All Black"

You know, over the weekend I read this commentary by Roland Martin which he entitled "Hollywood's irrational allergy to "Black" films" where he pretty much did a pretty good job of railing about Hollywood's lack of backing "all Black-cast films."


I generally look at Roland Martin as an 'apologist' most of the time and am not impressed by what he has to say - and this time wasn't much different - but I think he did write a good article! 


However, at the end of it, my thought was that .... it is soooooo waaaaayyyyy past time that Black people STOP being so worried and caring so much about what White people (and not just Hollywood!) will or won't do for us ... what they think or don't think about us ... and even how they treat (and don't treat) us!!!


We waste tooooooo much time, energy, money and emotion on seeking their approval ... and then taking it so hard when they won't give it. 


If we would spend the same amount of time concentrating on building, having, creating our OWN everything ... i.e., movies, businesses, corporations, schools, infrastructure, financial networks, etc., and everything else ....... what "Hollywood" is (or is not) willing to put out for our benefit would be so insignificantly important, it wouldn't even be funny!!!


So far, Tyler Perry is the only one with the ... balls .. (Sorry, I couldn't think of any other way to say it!) to go out there and start his own Black movie studio and produce Black films .... and it's amazing how much hate (not love) he gets from it by multitudes within the Black community!!


It's one thing to hate a specific movie he puts out ... but it's another thing to refuse to even appreciate that a Black man successfully bucked the very White-dominated "Hollywood" system that we're sitting in this thread complaining about right now  and created his own successful movie studio specifically due to the fact that "Hollywood" will not appreciate Black talent and Black entertainers and make decent films and create decent roles for Black actors in their movies!!


I mean .... that IS what everybody's complaining about, right?? 


George Lucus is a White man ... and therefore, it would be impossible for him to be a Black-owned studio owner.   But no Black person - other than Tyler Perry - has been willing to do what needs to be done in that arena, either.  So we're just left with complaining about the fact that White people won't anything good for us in entertaining.


And a fat lot of good that's doing.  Again ... what a waste.