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Reply to "Hollywood Didn’t Want to Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because It Was All Black"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

Owning a studio isn't the only issue.  The issue is in entertainment is distribution.  You can own whatever you like, if the distribution channels are locked up between 3 or 4 companies, that's a bigger battle than most people know.

It actually goes to the larger issue of media ownership.  5 companies own >90% of the media outlets.



Okay.  But ..... And .....??? 


I mean ... again, let me refer back to the only Black man who has successfully bucked "Hollywood" for the benefit of Black entertainment (and entertainers), Tyler Perry, who HAS a secured worldwide distribution deal in place.  Sooooo .... it's not like it can be said that it isn't possible for it to be done!!!


I was thinking the other day about the fact that Yemaya (with a harmonistic background chorus by NSpirit  ) have been hollerin' for YEARS ... YEARS now ... about the fact that there isn't - and needs to be - an African American cable news channel dedicated and devoted to informing Black America about REAL issues and REAL news!!! 


To my mind, there's only 2 reasons I can think of why this hasn't happened yet!!  (After all, they can't be the ONLY two Black people in America who feels that there is a NEED for such a channel ... or who expresses the desire to have one!).


Reason no. 1 would be that Black people (or a Black person) just aren't capable of owning/acquiring/buying/running such a cable channel or outlet/studio.  Or ....


Reason no. 2 is that there's no Black American person(s) in the entire country (or elsewhere for that matter!!) who WILL do it!!


I simply don't (and won't ever) believe there's ANYTHING that Black people (or a Black person, individually) CANNOT do. (Especially if the reason is determined to be "White people" ... or a White person!!!)   So Reason no. 1 is disregarded off the bat for me!


No ... we don't have an all-Black news channel because no Black person has stepped up to the plate to produce one!!!  (And sadly, that probably IS because of "White people" ... what they think, want or don't want, are willing or not willing to do for us!! )


It's SICKENING that we're still so complacent to be sitting, waiting, hoping for them to open the door for us, throw out a crumb - of invitation - for us to get in the game ... and not accepting the fact that they give their DOGS more respect (opportunity) than they're willing to give to us.


With the Black stories that are out there waiting and needing to be told of the REAL history of Black people, Black achievement, Black greatness, Black contribution, Black academia .. and everything else related to us as a people .... WAITING for White America/Hollywood to give their approval, offer the opportunity or outright DO it .... for US .... is one of the most ridiculous, sad, pitiful, depressing and waste of time things I can think of right about now. 


White people's ice is NOT colder.  Nor is their opinion (especially of us) any more important or valid than ours is.  And we needed to have figured that out ... yesterday!!

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