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Reply to "Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine"

Kocolicious posted:

  I'm sorry.  Not comfortable with HIllary.  Not comfortable with any feminist racist in hiding white women.  They lied during the women suffrage and pretended they supported freeing slaves and voting rights for ALL women-that was just puff for them.  And since then...they haven't LOOK at us yet.   This is one the MAIN reasons why I don't like white whores...educated or not.  They still have this arrogance about them....that makes them STANK with distrust.  Sorry...they have thrown too many black women under the bus.  Sojourner Truth is one of em.  But!   

I was shocked to see this article on the Huffington Post. HuffPo will get a lot of backlash from this because a lot of Democrats from all stripes click HuffPo and many of them are Establishment Democrats, the racist and rich establishment liberals who are really trickle down conservatives styling as Democrats and white feminists and women who are anxious to elect the first female president. 

I listen to a lot of left wing radio and read left wing sites and you rarely see such definitive articles that come straight out and say Hillary is dangerous and a straight up neocon, right wing establishment candidate who would be the absolute wrong person to elect. 

Frankly I have never seen an article on HuffPo call any democrat a neocon

"Even more dangerous, though, is that she is the candidate of the military-industrial complex."

"Hillary's record as Secretary of State is among the most militaristic, and disastrous, of modern US history."

"Hillary is a staunch neocon whose record of favoring American war adventures explains much of our current security danger."


HuffPo just got a little more respect from me. 




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