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Reply to "Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine"

Norland posted:

I see through Hillary as if she was just a piece of clear plastic. I, personally, wish she and the rest of the crew would STFU. They all promise this, that and the other until they get into office and find out the real deal. I'm sure Bill did things as president, she knew/knows nothing about besides all the pussymania, as far as running this joint was concerned. Choosing President takes too much time. Should take a couple weeks, listen to all the mouth flatulence, make your choice, week 3 = President.

If all these "leaders" we've had since this joint's inception were so great it wouldn't  have to be made "great" again. "Great" for whom?  It damn sure has never been a Piece of Cake for Africa's Kidnapped. "Great" must mean and mean only the Wrinklies with Heaps of Dough = Greatness. To get that dough, they have to scheme, connive, coddle, bullshit, and kill heaps of mothers' kids of all ages/races in existence on the planet. Then they can all parade around in designer clothes looking like well dressed corpses, telling everyone how "beautiful" they are as a race. The rest of us look at that shit and go .

If the little Penguin in a pants suit that can't stop laughing, smiling, nodding, flapping her arms, wins, looks like Ole Black Pres is going to have to be propped up. He's become a bit frail. Hangs around the Bushes so much, he and Momma are starting to look related.

Just keep on pushing, we're gonna get what we get; continue going through the shit we go through. Hopefully, none of us will have to send our children as fodder for some killing fest somewhere or another. We're doing a fine job dying just where we are.

When she goes to Flint, where's she going to bathe, what's she going to drink? What kinds of stories is she going to blather? I'm sure Flint's looking forward to the little arms flapping, the laugh cackling. Only the Galapagos/Antarctica will be missing.

Hillary is in Flint pandering for votes, she ain't gonna do a damn thing. Hell nothing happened so far, what the hell she gonna do but exploit the crime for votes. 

She pipes up about Flint because Sanders talks about it, so she travels to Flint to pull an okie doke on Blacks for votes. 

If Blacks are responsible making her the nominee it will another travesty for the Black community. Because any sort of Establishment ass kisser is always bad news for the Black community that will only fall further behind. 

The country need jobs, badly, so what the US do, pushes like hell another trade deal, TPP, that will send more jobs out of the  country. Who pays the consequences the most to further enrich billionaires and the corporate oligarchy, the Black community. 

Its so obvious she is bought and paid for, Hillary should be voted against by Black voters.