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Reply to "Haptom Zarhum Lynching: They Killed Him Because He Was Black"

GoodMan posted:

Only reason Jews got their land is because White folks "owed" them for "birthing" Western Civilization due to Christianity and the influx of Hellenistic Jewish ideas coming into Western thought.


If it wasn't for Jews and their war god aka Yahweh and Jews getting slaughtered and having their forsaken messiah Jesus getting killed for blasphemy (telling everyone he is a god) and then having the Roman Empire convert to Judaism...

(which means...Jesus in a way...were their messiah...they got their "homeland" back)

Jews wouldn't gotten Israel if it wasn't for the White man's Jesus' obssession and us Black people are lucky cause the Jews originally was gonna be settled in Africa or even Cuba...

And it's funny how Jews convinced the White folks to "integrate" (Jews were the behind all those "civil rights" organizations) and then asked White folks for a homeland.

Anyway, I admire Jews, but I don't like them for their overall messiness. I got more respect for the White man that just comes and slaughter and brainwash everyone.




Hell, "Jews" wouldn't have gotten Israel without some secret treaty in exchange for Nuclear[Atomic Bomb] Weapons formulas/secrets/invention.