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Reply to "Haptom Zarhum Lynching: They Killed Him Because He Was Black"

  @Young Brotha Goodman. I don't mean to bust your bubble about your knowledge of Jewish people. I just want you to be open to the truth regarding their controversy.    So. Here are some extra data about them you should digest. I usually DON'T do other folks' HOMEWORK but since you're a young brotha and all....kinda smart too. I just wanna give you a heads up for historical clarity.

Here's something to think about and research. (1) The Jewish people do not have a formal history before 4th century BC.  And the first temple they claim"  Solomon's Temple?  Belonged to a black king.  Solomon was in deed Black or African....cuz he was dark and comely too.  So look for their real existence in the library i.e. Jewish History Timeline. You will see that there is no formal/document history other than what is said in the bible/torah/talmud. Their existence began according to those texts in the 15th Century BC enslaved by the Egyptians. Where were they prior to that date ?  I mean where did they come from to get captured in the first place?  Cuz there is definitely no real time evidence that they exist before the bible/torah/talmud were written.  Check it out for yourself-don't believe me.  I'm just sharing the little I know that is fact.

(2) During the social and economic collapse of Egyptian culture....where were the Jews in this?  Were they servants, field workers,  etc? Why didn't the Egyptians document their captivity as they did with other the enemies they had?  And what happen to the Jews from the time they were supposedly enslaved by Egyptians to let's say 13th Century BC? Cuz when they migrated from Babylon, Asia Minor and surrounding places it is said they went to  Rome and lived there for two thousands years.  So when did the splitting of the sea occur?

So.  How can they be held captive in Egypt in the 1400 BC. and immigrated to Rome from other places during that same time?  Cuz from 1400's BC to 400 BC the record written about them [during their captivity in Egypt] is mainly a hypothesis from the bible-not from historical record.  Two different real the other?  Fiction.  Cuz if Moses could split the sea then?  The sea could be split now.  Which makes most of the stories in the Abrahamic religions...whimsical.  

Additionally during the conquest of Alexander the Great...if the Jews in fact were a group, why did he bypass their village Judea [present day Palestine] and jump ahead [4th century BC] to other surrounding regions to conquer? Plus there is no record that Alexander the Great knew anything about Jews being anywhere he was during his conquest. If he had known them? There would be record of some type of battle and proof they existed during that period-but there isn't.  It was after his death did Jews began building their culture[in that area anyway].  And the other stuff about them?  Are only what you read in the bible.  BTW:  Biblical period  IS NOT a real time history timeframe.  It's the Jews version/accountability  of what happened....and you know you can't depend on them to tell the truth...right?  Plus they weren't called Jews or Hebrews.  We really don't know WHO the hell they were....quite frankly.  Just folks up in what is known today as southern Palestine.  They could very well be....Palestines.  

 For clarity...I'm not talking about the macabees i.e. [whose recognition was also wayyyyyyy AFTER the supposedly captivity in Egypt].  Nor am I talking about the supposedly Hellenistic Jews in the Seleucid Empire ruled by Greece [which was also AFTER the supposedly captivity in Egypt].  These occurrences happened Post biblical period.  And the only real record of the Jewish existence/activity is in 66 AD when they raged  war against the Romans.  Still...that was [A thousand year or more] after their supposedly captivity in Egypt. So.  Where they been?  Clearly not in the forest.  Cuz from what I read?  That was for 40 days.   

(3) Find out what the REAL fuss was about regarding WW1 and WW2 and the Jewish so-called problem and why it was necessary for German to annihilate them.  Could slavery have ANYTHING to do with it...or the fact that the Jews had traditionally honed on the banks and other things to make money while countries that housed them were almost in financial depletion?  Why were the Germans sooooooooo angry?  And the Russians?  Why did the Jews migrate outta Eastern Europe in the late 1880s?  Why did they have to get outta dodge sooooooo fast.  Could it be what they were selling and doing?  

Just a couple of things to get you STARTED on your research to determine what you wanna believe is true.  There is a reason WHY they were called a diseased people and no country wanted to do business with them or have them on their land.  So look into my brotha.  Like last time?  You don't have to respond if you don't wanna.  But it's absolutely dangerous to continue to think that Jewish people are these SMART, intelligent, great scholar type people...when that's the FURTHEST from the truth.  I could say a lot more on the subject cuz I have extensively studied and researched them for more years than you are old,  But you gotta look TRUTH in the face yourself or it will CONTINUE to lie to you.  No son, Jews are the not the chosen ones.  No son, Jews are NOT the innocent either, they are no more smarter than any other human beings but ...they have destroyed a lot of cultures, had their hands in some moral less stuff  and have rewritten human history for their benefit.  Find out why....find out the truth...for yourself!  Then.  You will really know why besides us?  They are the most hated people in the world.   But 


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