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Reply to "HAPPY TURKEY DAY? About the Seljuk TURKS & Israel, Part One"

Good Read!

Much of what you wrote, I am familiar too especially this one:

"Plus the bible justifies having Black slaves in many ways...first with Noah's curse on Ham-who if one was would say...if Noah cursed all Ham's descendants who are black that means Noah was black.  Right?"

You're right, that is Slave Yard teachings of the Bible and deliberate Slave Yard mis-translations and mis-interpretations! We have been conditioned to hear what was taught us but NOT what was actually written in the Bible. Because the Bible says that NOAH CURSED ONLY ONE SON OF HAM, and that was CANAAN. And it never said that CAnaan was cursed and turned Black. It said that he became 'the servant of servants' and nothing referred to his color. 

Thankfully, science has proven today, that all malefactors today have Y-DNA that goes back directly to AN AFRICAN MALE ORIGIN!!!


So we now know for sure that was an evil lie and the Bible never said that one. It specifically detailed that 'Noah' was uncovered in his tent [ie. NOah was molested] and Ham 'saw Noah's NAKEDNESS [ie Noah's wife; Ham's own mother]. And so, when NOah realized what had happened and when Ham realize that his father realized what was going on, he ran out and got his brothers, and they ran into the tent and backedNoah's NAKEDNESS [i.e. HIS WIFE] out of the tent. NOah's older sons did not look at their mother's nakedness as did Ham, but they got her away from NOah, cuz he was probably going to kill her...

... Again, Ham's son Canaan who also in the tent... And when Noah sobered up... and realized that CAnann was NOT his son, but he was 'a son of Ham and his wife'!!! So, then NOah came out of the tent and AMPED OFF!!! And pronounced judgement against Canaan-Ham. and put him down. He was no longer considereed one of the sons of Noah. Only his three sons were the Patriarchs. CAnaan's land became up for grabs!!! A servant of servant means, Canaan lost his land rights too.

White people know how to interpret this part of the Bible, but they choose not to.

And yes, I agree with what you wrote about the Seljuk Turks speaking 'a Turkic language' that stems from the fareast at a time when they were connected to Tengriism. The Old Turkic language was supposedly distinct.