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HAPPY TURKEY DAY? About the Seljuk TURKS & Israel, Part One

HAPPY TURKEY DAY? About the Seljuk TURKS & Israel, Part One

Well, this research that I am happy to share will be three-part. Why would I link these two subjects together, ‘Turkey Day’ [ie Thanksgiving] and ‘the Seljuk Turks’ of Ancient Anatolia [ie Modern Day Turkey]? Believe it or not? Well, it may seem far fetched but based on my research, the connection between the two are a reality that has been conveniently hidden. And, it would take many books to lay out the complete historical truths however, for now, I will try to be brief. Unfortunately, for many, the little that I have to offer may not be sufficient to understand, but this will be a beginning and hopefully, it may lead to a better understanding by and by.

For starters, the Seljuk Turks are known by many other major descriptive names that may shed light on their true origins. Many internet sites still today, omit their other descriptive names and as a result, conveniently define them to be originally from the east. However, the history about these amazing people under their other names happens to be extensive and shows that they are not at all originally from the east. Although the Seljuk Turks put fear in the western world around the turn of the millennium and became the very reason for the start of the Crusades and although the Seljuk Turks came dominate Turkey Anatolia soon after the Battle of Manzikert, they only make up part of the history of this country. Under one of their many name descriptions, THE OGHUZ TURKS, they are defined to originate in Inner Mongolia, but this would be a gross error. Under another name description, KERAITES [ie. Karaites or Blacks], would be the clue of their Western origins from the land of HAM, for this was the name of the Original Jews and Israel. But then more to this point, the very founder of the Seljuk Turks had four sons of which he named [1] MUSA [i.e. Moses], [2] Israil [i.e. Israel], [3] Yunus [i.e.] Jonah, and [4] Mikail [i.e.] Michael. So even though our history books highlight the Islamic and Muslim presence that was definitely apart of their world, however, the other half of it being that it would have been the very script of the Karaite Jews that was a major factor in how many of these Black African-typed people came together before the Arab Movement, however, this has been omitted from our education. And from this great Karaite man, named Seljuk and his four sons, one day came the Great Tugrul and later Alp Arslan, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, himself. Although our western books tell us these Jews were not Christian, however, their books will tell you differently! Many of the Keraite Jews were indeed Christian long before Genghis Khan and the Mongols became known. Even though, our history books say that after the Huns of Hungary were annihilated and the Seljuk Turks were dissipated, that their rule was a demise. But nonetheless, other history books show that still today, the Great Seljuk Empire that lasted for about two hundred (200) years was a time of great humanitarian advance and college professors are still amazed at their fighting skills. Still today, a major annual festival continues in Turkey Anatolia based on their glory days. And although the western world in East Europe erected statues and depict the Seljuk Turks and the Great Saladin in ‘white face’ and with absolutely no hint of their African traits, there are other confirmations that show the truth.  

So, in order to understand how the Oghuz Turks [i.e. TURCOMAN, CUMANS, Turkish…] became concentrated in Inner Mongolia for many, many years, we would have to go far back in time to when they were also known as ‘the Ten Arrows’ and then much farther back in time and learn about the Hsiung-Nu in the far east as well. We would need to go even farther back hundreds and hundreds of years before the Roman Empire times to the Fall of Northern Israel [i.e. the Ten Tribes] and Southern Israel [i.e. the Jews, Karaites]. Nevertheless, under the name of the Seljuk Turks, would be an incredible MARK in time to help us understand hidden history and how these people and so many other kinds of Hebrew Israelites connect to the lands of Ancient Anatolia [i.e. Turkey, Asia Minor] as far back as their ancestor AbraHam and to Jesus Christ at the time of the Roman Empire who walked a thousand years before the time of the Crusades. And so, 1000 years before Alp Arslan gained victory in Turkey Anatolia was Jesus Christ, the true and universal Lion of the tribe of Judah. Long before Alp Arslan and his small army came against the Byzantines, the apostle Paul and Peter migrated up into West Turkey and set up the Seven Churches of God. Who would ever have thought at the time of Moses and Joshua and at a time when the Hurrians dominated Central Turkey, that one day, the Nabateans of the tribe of Joseph would come to reside in this country! Who would have ever thought that the Hebrew Israelites would have been in the very land of the Ur of the Chaldees where father AbraHam was born! But today, this history has been completely Blacked out from our west world history books. Cont.

 A Turkoman women African !!!

Western Islamic Architecture: A Concise Introduction, by John D. Hoag, Pg. 37, Seljuk and his four sons

The names of his four sons—Mikail (Michael), Israil (Israel), 
Musa (Moses), and Yunus (Jonah)
 – suggest … 
According to some sources, Seljuk began his career 
as an officer in the Khazar army. [6]


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