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happy holidays -- nykkii update

to all of my aa org family...

happy holidays!! happy kwanzaa!! and happy new year!!

in my time away from the site--i've been up to my eyes with work, but it's paid off and i've been promoted into the "leadership/executive" level of Nordstrom. Smile hard work does pay off!!!

the kwanzaa card was released and was available in stores for a short period of time (if anyone got one--great!!) if not, you may be able to get them in customer service if you ask. we had a HUGE number of complaints from customers asking where they're religious symbols were and instead of getting into a religious war, we did the conservative thing and pulled the Jewish and the Kwanzaa cards off of the shelves.

other than that...things have been great! health is okay--another checkup due on 1/6.

merry christmas everyone!!

Heart nyk

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