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Reply to "Hamas shakes up Mideast politics"

Originally posted by Yemaya:
I read the papers this morning in my local area and the headlines are catchy.

Here's one from the New York Post:
"HAMASTAN: Mideast vote creates terror state"

Here's another from the NY Daily News:

This is definite media bias. Pro-Israeli media bias. The Palestinian people voted these folks into office. That's democracy and the US is still against it. Either the government wants democracy in the Middle East OR they just want the appearance of Democracy. I believe its the latter.

Don't you know? Didn't you get the memo? Eek

It's only DEMOCRACY if Republicans or right-wing people who support American corporate/social interest are elected. If anyone else is elected, it's Liberal/Socialist/Communist/Progressive Tyranny or Pro-Terrorism.

Duh, everyone knows that. Only Republicans and right-wingers know what's best for people. bow