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Reply to "Hamas shakes up Mideast politics"

Just as the Panther Party was protrayed by the media as a radical violent organization, the truth has it that Hamas' primary function is the provision of food, shelter and social services to Palistinian people without regard to whether the beneficiaries support their anti-zionist agenda.

Sure, Hamas has members that blow stuff up; but Israel promotes bull-dozing housing with people in it. And, I may be mistaken here, but I don't recall a single incident in the 2000's where Hamas has been tied as an organization to a terrorist act.

Lord please help this Kneegrow.

First - I support the Palestinean's RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION. Hamas, just like the Sunni's in Iraq have been told to engage in the poltical process rather than violent actions to get their way. Some people played this election victory as a "loss" for the USA and Israel. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Second - the media did a report on a Hamas lady who was elected though she had no previous political experience. She sent 3 of her 5 sons to their deaths as suicide bombs or assassins of Israelis. To may this showed her loyalties to the cause and her election was the payback. Unfortunately when and if the people have important issues such as obtaining clean water sources and yet this woman only has her "I hate Israel" rhetoric to bring to the table - they will realize that a broader spectrum is needed for them to move forward.

I hope that there is a reduction in violence in this region. More jobs and more focus on real economic development will all some of the resentment to be reduced. Those who are benefiting from this new economic growth will seek to protect what they have built and will be less inclined toward radicalism.

Most of the other countries in the Middle East are experiencing booming economic growth. It is time that this particular region disengage a bit from the war of attrition and focus on building themselves up internally.