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Reply to "HALLELUJAH!"

Ummmm ... well, actually, I see it kind of differently, Sunnubian ...


I don't see "religion" in and of itself, being anything necessarily bad.  Pretty much all the religions that I have any personal knowledge of tend to have the same basic fundamental tenants:  1) There is a "God"/"Supreme Being" that it's centered around; 2) it has a set of "rules"/"laws" that govern it; and 3) there is some directive to somehow acknowledge/worship/show reverence to that "God"/"Supreme Being" in some way.


And that's pretty much the basis of them all.


Now, when it comes to the particular "rules"/"laws" that the followers of any religion are supposed to live by, I don't know of any that actually advocate violence or hate or evil towards other people.  Most preach some forms of respect, love, kindness towards mankind or nature or other living organisms. living a moral and respectable life, not to cheat, rob, steal, etc., etc.


When you look at what is supposed to be the actual "religion" itself ... what is written down in each one's Bible/Holy Book/Scriptures or whatever they call it and the way that that religion is supposed to be practiced ... it's usually quite harmless.


But it's when those religious edicts are (mostly mis) interpreted by whatever Tom, Dick or Con-man wants to call him/herself a "preacher/cleric/leader/" and is able to manipulate others into listening to their agenda-/money-/power-induced hogwash .. that religion becomes evil, violent, dangerous, hate-filled, murderous and/or creates extremists, fanatics, or other overly-aggressive types that end up giving "religion" it's bad name. 


I have never been able to understand why sooooooo many people - almost everybody, it seems - when it comes to religion/spirituality .... feel that they need somebody else to interpret or tell them what they can pick up their Bible/Holy Book and see/read/understand/interpret for themselves!! 


Why do they feel compelled to have to go to the same place once a week to sit down with a room full of other people just to let someone else stand up and tell you what the book YOU are sitting there reading means to YOU while you're sitting there reading it?? 


Seems to me, if you want to live a Christian life, read the Bible and do what it says!!  Same with Islam/Muslims and the Koran.  Or with Hindus and their Scriptures.  Or Buddhists and their Holy Book. Or, in the case of Native American Spirituality or Traditional African Religions .. there is no specific "Book."  There are ceremonies... but, for the most part, "followers" of those religions live their religion everyday.


But, again .... in most cases, it's not the religion itself - nor "the Book" - that advocates hate and evil.  It is a (jacked-up, mental, disillusioned, unstable, greedy, or psychotic) HUMAN BEING, that, in the "name" of that religion, directs/perpetuates/advocates/encourages/demands/enforces violence, hate, abuse, murder towards other people who are NOT a part of that particular religion.


And it is the people/human beings/followers/disciples of that/those lunatics ... believing what they are TOLD by somebody else (who has negatively (instead of positively) (mis)read/(mis)interpreted/lied about the doctrine of that religion ...  that actually go and carry out the heinous, psychotic, violent acts of "crimes against humanity."

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