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Reply to "HALLELUJAH!"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

I don't believe it is necessarily religion itself, especially in this day and age, but, I do believe that it has been man all along that has distorted what the religion is supposed to be or mean for his own gain and/or control over the masses (in the place of God, really).  


But, there is plenty of violence and encouragement to commit violence in most religious texts.  In the Bible, alone, the Old Testament conflict with the New Testament, and in the Old Testament there is a lot of references that encourage committing violence, there is plenty of sexism against women, and there is plenty of information that basically teaches condemnation, segregation and condescendence against those who do not believe/practice the same religion.


So, of course it is not religion per say, but how people have manipulated, not only what others will actually know, of what was really in (or supposed to be in) the religious text in the first place, but how the deliberate misinformation and subjective revisionism of religious texts have played THE part in reshaping (or shaping) the psychi, basic instincts, fears, and perceptions of human beings.


Okay ... well, I probably mixed my apples and oranges together here ... so let me try to clarify some of my confusion for y'all! 


For the most part, we seem to be talking mostly about the man-made created religions (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) which were basically concocted and corrupted for agenda-driven purposes and fed to the masses as authentic spirituality.  However ... there was also "religion" practiced "Before Christ" or any of the other Prophets/manifestations that are popularly used as the "religious leaders" of the more common religions of today.


To Ms. Koco's point ... there are certainly the deceptive practices of male homosexuality as it relates to and used erroneously by the Christian faith/church  ... but, back further in history ... before the beginnings of Christianity, homosexuality was also rampant by Romans and Greeks - not so much decreed (or used to manipulate) by "religion" as much as it was used under the guise of being more "political" or a matter of "position" that boys were commonly sexually abused in that manner by grown men. 


Because back in that day, politics and "religion" (as it were) were strangely intertwined and interconnected into a social mess that's still hard to decipher to this day!!


But ... going back to the origins of the various "First People" (for lack of a better term that I can think of right now!!) ... i.e., such as the African's 'traditional religion' and/or the Native's traditional ancestral worship ... or even Hinduism and Buddhism for the traditional  "religion" for the Asian/Indian peoples .... none of them, that I'm aware of taught/preached/advocated for violence, hatred, murder or annihilation towards others. 


It's more those religions where "man" stepped in and made the rules that we find that kind of craziness.   Which is more to what I was thinking ... even though I know I didn't say it just right!