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Reply to "Hair snobs"

~Apparently Solange Knowles is catching groups of hell for doing her big chop and going natural. The comments/responses on her twitter are straight up FOUL and coming from the men and the women. So sad the amount of hair snobs out there and how they exist on both sides of the fence --- natural hair snobs and processed hair snobs. It's crazy.

Anyhoo, this thread is about two years old, and while I still hold the same position/opinion on the issue, I have since gone natural myself. It's been about 17 months now. I like it, and I get plenty of compliments on it, but, mostly I get no comment at all (from fellow black women). They had plent to say at first, and stared at me. I was even called "brave", or "go head girl, be nappy" in a mocking tone. But, then, the longer my hair got, the more curly it became....and now I get no comments from them. But, they still stare. The men still compliment me and so do nonblack women. I find that odd.

Anyway, I'm loving the freedom and the "health" and "go green" of it all, so I have yet to even flat iron it straight, but there is that option and versatility available which is great to know. So, I'm thinking.... 19....depending on which style I'm rockin' on any given day, be it straight or naturally curly, I can cross the path of a hair snob --- from either side of the fence, and they'll think that they know me (can judge me)...until I switch up...then what? I guess they'd think I have split personalites...?

A hair tip for any natural ladies on the site: --- the Conditioner Only Method. You just might throw ALL of your products away. You just won't have a need for them. I use (after washing hair and while damp) the

1. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
2. Extra virgin cocunut oil

The trick is to use A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT. That is the key. It has to be a ridiculous amount of conditioner. Your hair will almost look as if you are giving yourself a relaxer --- you know, like when it's all gooped up and white and in 4 stiff-ish spikes? That's the look you'd be going for. Seperate your curls individually by hand (finger-comb) or just shake your head vigorously. The "whiteness" will become "clear" in about 30 minutes, and your hair will air dry in a couple of hours or less...depending on your hair length and thickness. Don't touch your curls during the drying process, but finger comb or touch it minimally even after it dries. Or just shake it into place. Your style will get bigger/frizzier/puffier with each day, so depending on how you like to wear it...just repeat when necessary. I like Day 1, but I REALLY like Day 2 and Day 3. I can't do a damned thing with it on Day 4, so I'm on a twice a week routine.

Another tip: We all lose about 100 hairs a day, so don't freak when you start to use this method and think that you're experiencing excessive shedding or something. You're not. It's just that you're simply not combing your 100 hairs out daily because you aren't coming your hair for several days at a time. (Oh yeah, only comb your hair on wash days WITH THE CONDITIONER IN YOUR HAIR. Use a one conditioner (a cheapie) in the shower to comb out your tangles and rinse out as usual, and then use ANOTHER (better) conditioner as the leave in that you're going to glop on. And, yes this is safe if you are careful to read the ingredients on your conditioner. Check out the website to learn more about this.) She has been doing this method for TEN YEARS without losing hair. Quite the contrary. You have GOT to see how long and healthy this woman's hair is.~