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Reply to "Hair snobs"

Originally posted by negrospiritual:
[I asked you because it was puzzling to me why you would react to the term "politics of hair" in the way that you did...

I'm further puzzled by the "i rule it you do not" statement, and the "boundary statement" since understanding "the politics of hair" does not imply "ruling" the hair of others? Confused

Let me try to clarify my question: What about the phrase "understanding the politics of hair" suggests "ruling" the hair of others? What about the term "the politics of hair" prompted a knee-jerk response of "it's mine. I rule it"????

I would venture to say the majority of posters in the thread declined to rule on "proper black hair styles".

oh, maybe your comments were in general and not directed specifically at any poster. And particularly not me since i stated in much the same way you did that whatever the style a sista rocks, it's all good...

i see... your comments were in no way directed toward me.

my bad

carry on.

Yes, I was not directing anything personal towards you and it was not a knee jerk reaction.. I was stating "in general" that there can be no "politics of hair" if we do not allow others to "war against" what belongs to us in the first place.

For instance, I have many friends who rock dreads, naturals, head wraps and the like in their corporate environments. They all comment on how some sought to make them "conform" to the status quo, however they all were adamant that they were not "changing" like that for anyone. It is their hair, and as long as it looks neat and presentable, who was anyone to tell them how to be wearing it?

For MySelf, when I made the transition from perming to natural hair, I wore head wraps, breads, locs and the like. People wanted to put their "hands all over" me, like I was the doll they'd seen at Toys R' Us....and I had to tell them that it was DisReSpectful to be putting their hands all over me. Not only that, it just isn't sanitary because I don't kwow where their hands have been.

The point being that while some may take issue with our own natural beauty, we own it - they don't. They may try to to take what belongs to us, as we see throughout the world with ladies plumping up their lips, butts, etc...and trying to braid their hair...and trying to "utilize" other characteristics of US, however, we own no matter what anybody else tries to take or deny about us, it will always belong to us.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Who Owns Her Own!"