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Reply to "Hair snobs"

Originally posted by Khalliqa:
For some reason discussion of the origins of feelings of hair inferiority are taken as an attack on someone who is considering going natural....

issue one: spotting a stranger and judging her-
ummm no... unless there is something weird about her like she got on booty shorts in the winter... I really don't give women on the street that kind of mental time out of my day...

issue two: if I were asked to stop and consider most sisters who wear their hair with chemicals I would say most are doing so out of inferiority complexes...

issue three: women who are just playing around with their hair and have surpassed or overcome euro beauty influences... are rare... as we never went through collectively as black women in America a period where natural hair was THE BEAUTY NORM.... to assume that there are just as many women who have gone through this stage is deceptive... and telling

issue four: why is there such a need to justify or minimize the effects of white folx proselytizing the straight haired/wavy haired woman as the standard and its effects on black women? only people I know who do that are crackas and negroes...

issue one: co workers and associates acting noticely different towards a person when they see a blk woman with a straight hair when she has dreads.

issue two: i would say there are more resaons to why a blk woman would wear straight hair/weaves. i personally wouldnt automatically assume that she feels inferior. no one is denying that blk women CAN feel inferior and our type of beauty is not showcased as much yts or not at all.

issue three: maybe i am just an optimist because i dont think its that rare for a woman to overcome european beauty influences. it is wrong to get to know a person first before judging?

issue four: no one is justifying or minimizing YTs influence on beauty. atleast i know i wasnt.