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Reply to "Hair snobs"

Originally posted by Khalliqa:
Originally posted by Rowe:
Originally posted by Oshun Auset:

This is a general question...

Why is discussing or rather mentioning the foundational issues when it aplies to the subject of the thread labelled as being 'judgemental' or 'divisive'?

Is it that people can't handle the truth?

Sister Oshun, girl, now I know you're not talking, because I've seen your hair. You don't have those tight, sister-girl curls like most Black women do. So the transition may not have been as traumatic for you as may have been for us. You're hair is almost straight! But let us consider the sister who has that strong, tightly-curled, and glorious crown of Mother Africa hair, ok. That is another matter entirely. You try tell that sister that she needs to leave the relaxer alone, and you're likely to get a mouthful.Big Grin

I must say that Oshun is one of the rare lighter hued sisters that "get it" she doesn't degrade or deny her own unique beauty to "get it", nor does she deny anyone else's pain to "get it" .... I admire her tremendously for that..... as we exist in a sea of women in denial.....

she is quite balanced and extraordinarily empathetic....

her loose curl and societies acceptance of her "look" hasn't blinded her to the realities of the dark skinned kinky haired women.... (in fact it was her who helped me with the correct phenotypical term of "bantu")..... a true statement to her love for her people....

but her loose curl and empathetic ability is a separate issue from what I believe is her point...

which still has not been addressed.... I feel it is a valid one..

terms such as "judgemental" and "divisive" are often thrown at those who simply point out the foundation of someone's inability to deal with colorism and its effects on us all.....

and wondering if it is just a matter of others not being able to deal with the reality of the situation....

thanks hug