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The Statute of Limitations doesn't apply here because serious Constitutional violations have taken place, all being related, that have taken place since then, and this is also court documented. Finally the defendants in Los Angeles Superior Court Case 895188 have also admitted guilt.  I was banned from African a few years ago. I just replanted the seed.  Now I'll watch from a distance to see what develops.



The media of Caucasian America (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, etc.,) Caucasian elected officials, and the Caucasian community have been aware for decades. Right after the unlawful arrest and jailing at the Superior Court building, 111 North Hill Street, multiple members of my family returned to continue our protest. One Caucasian college student approached us to state, "I've been following your story" (Los Angeles Superior Court Case 895188, etc., etc.) You stay right there", and wished us luck.


In contrast, typically the "pompous beyond pomposity, stuck-up, clueless, nose pointed up to the clouds and perhaps touching the clouds, running away from the inner-city like a bat out of Hell" university educated black middleclass categorized us as being an embarrassment to who knows, and stayed clear of us. It is media/journalists, such as the Los Angeles Sentinel, the so called largest black owned newspaper on the West Coast, disgraceful elected black leaders, and a dysfunctional black electorate, who don't have a clue, and who truly are a disgrace to what it means to be a competent elected official, journalist, etc., etc.

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You do know that anyone can create an account on and upload information without it being verified?? Lofton, I bet you uploaded this stuff yourself. You bring more comedy that Facebook! Keep it coming Lofton.


This is true. But I don't need the verification of CNN or any journalists because what I've posted is true and court documented.


YouTube: "Yvonne Burke Lives in Brentwood" Uploaded by fullosseousflap on Jul 27, 2007 


....and finally I'm not the only one who is aware!

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