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A mail man was finally retiring after 40 years of delivering mail on the same route. Neither snow or rain, nor heat nor hail prevented him from making a single delivery. As you would imagine, the residents on his route were sorry to see him go.

At each delivery, the residents gave him tokens of their appreciation. He got cards full of money, freshly baked cakes, pies and cookies and the such.

As he arrived at the last house on the route, he found the door wide open. Concerned, the mail man poked his head in a called out to the residents, "Uhm, Mr. Smith? Mrs. Smith? Is anyone home? Is everything alright?

Just then Mrs. Smith walked to the door completely naked. Mrs. Smith then grabbed the mail man by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Immediately upon arriving to the bedroom, Mrs. Smith pushed the mail man to the bed and proceeded to make wild and passionate love with him.

After a couple of hours, she stood up and handed the mail man a single dollar, and led the completely satisfied mail man to the kitchen where Mrs. Smith cooked him a wonderful lunch.

As soon as the mail man had finished, Mrs. Smith took the mail man by the hand, led him to the front door and pushed him out.

As the Mail man was headed out the door, he said, "Lord knows I'm not complaining, but what was that all about."

Mrs. Smith responded, "Well, I was just doing what my husband suggested." Mrs. Smith went on to explain: "When I told my husband that I had heard that this was your last day on the job after more than 40 years of delivering the mail. I don't know you well, but I know that in the 3 years we've lived here you have never missed a day. And, when I asked him what I should give you as a token of our appreciation, he told me: 'Fu*k him, give him a dollar' ... the lunch was my idea." lol
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