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Reply to "GOP candidate says 9/11 attacks were a hoax"

Originally posted by umbrarchist:
Another detail which I found interesting and applies in other cases is that there is no mention of Chernobyl.

In the program the American conservatives and Muslims in Afghanistan claim the credit for getting the Russians out and the fall of Communism. But the Russians withdrew after the Chernobyl. How much effect did that have on the Russian economy? They had to evacuate an entire city. How much did that undermine the people's confidence in the government. But Chernobyl has all but disappeared from the minds of the West.

It is strange how watching Star Trek: Undiscovered Country gives a greater idea of the impact of Chernobyl than the dry facts.

Chernobyl explosion 1986
Afghanistan withdrawl 1988
Soviet collapse 1991


They sure do leave out Chernobyl... interesting.