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Good night, and Good Luck

Set in the 1950s and focusing on the McCarthy era, this film is a timely reminder about integrity - personal, professional and political.

Beautifully filmed, great casting - great music - flawless acting, a great script.

I think this film is George Clooney's debut as a Director ??? if this is the case, he deserves an Oscar for direction, and restraint. This film is a seamless blend of modern and historic footage.

The film doesn't aim to offer any new perspectives, instead I believe it was designed to portray an era and offer a cautious reminder.

In doing so I think this film achieves everything it sets out to do - and avoids the sentimentality that usually sugar-coats American retrospective filmmaking. I give it 10/10.

<small>"Follow the grain in your own wood.” ~ Howard Thurman</small>

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