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Reply to "Ghettopoly"

Hello whipwrex,

"We need to sneak up on a mirror, then we'll see the enemy.

End of the day, that taiwanese businessman is out for cash. When people don't buy the game, he'll stop. He's no racist, he said he's going to do other games like Redneckopoly. We need to realize a few things. He is reminding us pf issues that already exist. We take care of our problems and that game won't exist." by whipwrex

I could not agree more. If this perverted and/or self destructive activity did not exist, this Taiwanese businessman would have little basis for the game. There is a very slim chance that this game would even exist, because such a perception would be next to impossible to create. Couldn't have conceived or perceived such an idea based upon life in Taiwan, because this lifestyle is very removed from the way of life of the Taiwanese.

Just like the sale of illicit narcotics or for that matter any other business endeavor, without a steady supply of customers the business could not remain solvent.

Hopefully, something positive comes from this discussion, in the interest of cleaning up our own backyard, so that games such as Ghettopoly would amount to a fictious set of circumstances, as opposed to the reality of life in the inner-city!


Michael Lofton