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Reply to "Ghettopoly"

Originally posted by Kevin41:
what the hell makes you think blacks are so simple that f-king entertainers are heroes?


I have to ask. Do you ever talk to black people who don't live in Suburban America? Who lived below the poverty line? Who grew up without a father, surrounded by drugs, violence and a sense of hopelessness? Forgive for saying so, but you seem to be very naive about what really goes in "in the hood."

I understand the need to want to highlight the positives that black America has achieved; but you cannot ignore the reality that most of us face in this country. The black middle class is growing, yes, and that is fine, but we cannot ignore the reality that for a majority of black people in this country, things are getting worse.

The way you describe your childhood is NOT how the typical black child grows up in this country, and reading your description makes me understand a little in understanding why you seem so offended by posts about the difficulties that black America faces from within.

You can stay in suburbia and imagine what you need to justify your perspectives and fit everything into your little boxes, or you can go out and really see now many black people who didn't grow up like you may see life.

Of course, you are a grown man and you don't have to do anything at all, because, after all, it's only an internet message board.