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Reply to "Ghettopoly"

Originally posted by obvious_1:
This may be a case of any publicity is good publicity. Since the media got involved sales of ghettopoly has increase drastically. It is reported that if you want a copy there is now a long waiting list. Frown

The waiting list only implies that there were alot of sales, I pressed them (Urban Outfitters) a few different ways for sales figures, they refused to give them.

When they said they took them off the display floor and are not ordering any more, does that sound like they returned games to the publisher or like they sold each and every last one?

If you go to the gettopoly web site, they say sold out, but yet they don't tell you how many sold, clearly if you struck success you want to tell how much of a success it was (like Mc Donalds).

I've read a number of articles that were written on the game, initially Chang was very happy to get interviewed, later he became very defensive, now he grants no interviews. I believe the defensive attitude was because sales were cold and the heat was on his racist behind.

Let's be pratical if you put out a product, regardless of how much people hate it, if your primary motivation was money and if you are making money, would you stop selling it?

I believe Gettopoly is out of business (for many reasons,) and I believe Chang has a lot of unsold games on his hands, furthermore I believe he is in a whole load of trouble which might cost him far more than any income he may have gotten from his sales.

Could you image what his parents are going through in the neighborhood, at their family buiness.

As for the waiting list my guess is many on the list are people that just want to make sure that as soon as the game is stocked again the protest is back on, they don't intend on actually purchasing the game, the game cost $32. that's not playdough. Smile