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Reply to "Ghettopoly"

This came from a florida news paper in response to NAACP rally call to action.


Mark Morris, a spokesman for Hasbro Inc., the company that owns Monopoly, said it sent Chang a cease and desist letter in June. Chang has not responded to the company, Morris said.

Hasbro has the right to sue Chang for the damage it caused to its '...opoly' name,[apparently they have a monopoly on opoly in the game biz Smile].

Futhermore, if Chang is somewhat connected to Hasbro, even if they use the same printer, there appears to be some form of collusion, association, defacto permission, if you will.

That is why I have contacted Hasbro and asked them to file suit against Gettopoly forthwith.

All Hasbro, Inc. Products
Stacey Roberts
Hasbro, Inc

Since Chang thinks this is all satire, fun and games, let him play with 'Legal Touble' a version of Touble (the board game) that involves fools getting busted because they failed to think before they act.