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Reply to "Ghettopoly"

Originally posted by isistah: ... Looking at that game, I wondered just what exactly constitutes a hate crime.

Tomorrow there is going to be a protest at Urban Outfitters' (I called them and they told me about the protest,) headquarters.

In my opinion, in keeping with your message as quoted above, the hate crime committed by Gettopoly and their accomplice should pay a dear price, most specifically,

For Urban Outfitters:

1) Appologize nationally (perhaps that will happen tomorrow)

2) Create a scholorship fund ($1 million) to promote excellence in urban (aka getto).

3) Fire every single person that was responsible for procuring the game, marketing the game, and selling the game. Someone along the line should have said something prior to it reaching the display.

As for gettopoly,

He should write a book on "The Evils of Racism" and give one to every person that he sold the game to.

Then sell the book and give all of the sales proceeds to his local "Urban League"!!


... its time for Prosperity

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