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Words from another site, I think is fitting for this thread.

From: Healer2K Oct-5 2:19 pm
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Thank you so much for posting about this outrage! Chicago's NBC5 news played part of an audio-recorded interview with the game's creator David T. Chang of Philadelphia. He said something to the effect that the game wasn't meant to offend anyone and that its harmless, "After all... its just a game." What it is, is CASH MONEY in this punk's pocket, making money by promoting stereotypes of different races of people. But he spits in the face of Black people worst of all, by having a racist caricature of a Black person on the cover of the game.

If the game is harmless, and is meant to make fun of stereotypes of numerous racial groups, why didn't David Chang A TAIWANESE IMMIGRANT put a racist caricature of a Chinese person eating rice on the cover? I wrote to him asking him that, but he never replied. His email address was on the Ghettopoly website just a couple of days ago, but I see he's removed it since then. Maybe because of my email? Not sure. Anyway... it was

When you write your letters of complaint to the "customercare" address, CC: it to the "davidchang" address as well.