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Reply to "George Zimmerman’s Brother Urges Media to Brand ‘Black Teens’ As A Threat"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"  Okay now I have doubts that this distaught woman identified the right TEENS  I don't wanna minimize her lost in the least whatever color she is....but!  I saw her on Pier's last night and she was soooooooo upset and confused that I am really questioning her identification of the first in the news she said that one teen was at least 15 years old and the other seemed to be about 5 years old and then when police arrested them...the ages suddenly changed.  So I'm wondering is it because of trauma she experienced that hampered with her ability to be clear on who this boys were or did it lessen her ability to be clear based on racial profiling."


My sister said basically the same thing when we were talking about this incident yesterday.  My sister believes that the woman is outright lying and may be have killed her child herself and made up this big story about being robbed because she appeared to be awfully 'calm' and nonchalant about the entire incident to be a mother who just witnessed the point-blank gun shot wound to the head murder of her small baby.

So, . . . 


Whew!!!  Mannnnn, I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who saw that SAME thing and  doubted that White girl and her story!!  


Watching one of the first interviews she did ... I was looking at her and thinking ... "There's NO WAY IN HELL she's telling the truth right now!!"  She was NOT as upset as even some of the witnesses are described as being!!  The news reporter was saying "the distraught mother spoke to us ...." but ... when I looked at her ... not A TEAR was coming out of her 'I'm-trying-real-hard-to-cry-right-now' eyes!  She was just making the sounds of crying.  But not really doing it.  


And yes, Radio .... my first thought was Susan Smith!!    And that fake-ass 'news conference' she gave about a Black man assaulting her!  


Unfortunately, though ... I don't give much of a chance to those two boys ... now that they're already in police custody.  WE KNOW .... It doesn't matter whether they are innocent or not!!    Unless some police officer is intent on trying to prove this woman is lying (if she is) ... the so-called "investigation" is all but over and closed.  This story is too sensational for there NOT to be an arrest!!


But, I mean, puhleeesse .... they arrested these two kids and charge them with MURDER ...  basically because they weren't in school at the time??  What kind of crazy, flaky, shady BS "evidence" of anything is that??    


I just HOPE to God that they get the RIGHT person(s) who did this.  Because a baby IS dead.  And somebody killed him.    I have a feeling, though, that if they do .... one of them will be her.