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Reply to "George Foreman Slams Colin Kaepernick, Praises Donald Trump"

I saw the piece on this crazy Negroe.  He does have 'issues'.  

Unfortuanately, he's one of those Black people who have been exposed to the 'tail-end' of Black consciousness conversation, writings, lectures and historical research.

He was babbling historical facts that he has chopped-up, have out of place, or in the wrong context, for example, he talks about the Cherokee being slave holders, but he doesn't mention that the Cherokee were also split on the morality of holding people as slaves, or that it was not ALL the Cherokee and never was.

Then he talks about the Jews, but has them all meshed together as one monolithic group while claiming that the Cherokee are really Jews [i.e., "imitation-of-Life"] masquerading as Native Americans.  [Though that may not be too far off considering how many $5.00 Indians there were (and still are) after the United States started giving land and money to Native Americans).

He was saying so much sh!t that was partially, or half, or barely correct.  

So, he's one of those Black people who didn't want to, or couldn't, do the actual WORK of actually reading the entire book or actually researching and studying our History, or sitting through the entire lecture, etc., and has walked away with bits and pieces and 'tail-ends' of what is the truth and/or historical facts.  

In other words, he really needs to keep his mouth shut until he actually knows what he's talking about. 

And I don't know what to say about his history; charged (along with others) with the murder of 14 people, but did not go to jail . . . either he was obviously not guilty and/or actually Aquitted of those charges, or he needs to let me know the name of his Root-Worker.

But, then again, I do know what this government is capable of when it comes to people [especially if they are Black] living too independent of what has been set up for the us by the chosen few.  [M.O.V.E., The Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Jim Jones/Guyana, the Wasabi/Moors, etc.]  They wind up being murdered by our own government or they just happen to "murder" someone, or they just happen to be "child molesters", or they just happen to 'commit suicide', etc.