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Reply to "George F. Will just doesn't get it, but then ..."

With this current crew, all that can possibly come out is stupidity ... because that's all that's in it. The way I see it, the plug is already as good as pulled.---EbonyRose

I wish that were true. The article by Will is the indicator of things to come.

The Commission, its chairman, and each conservative member will now become 'The Source' for vindication of every claim that there is 'No racism,' No discrimination,' 'No need for either law or regulation', a dysfunctional African American Family,' and on and on.

They may even disband the Department of Justice's staff for civil rights and race issues.

They can then repeal the Voting Rights Act itself. After all with there being no problem why keep such archaic baggage in our legal system.

And...When is the last time you saw a 'White Only' sign.

Clearly, there is no further need for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Far fetched?


Jim Chester