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Reply to "George F. Will just doesn't get it, but then ..."

Another is that civil-rights rhetoric has become a crashing bore and, worse, a cause of confusion: Almost everything designated a "civil rights" problem isn't.---George Will

This guy is a tricky dude. Listen.

He rightly says the core function of the civil-rights laws, which required "a lot of heavy lifting by the federal government," was to dismantle a caste system maintained by law. But that has been accomplished.---Reynolds via Will


Civil-rights laws and enforcement agencies are barely relevant. Proper pulpits - perhaps including barbershops - are relevant. Government pulpits are not---George Will

George Will goes to an African American barbershop???

For what// Camaraderie???

More likely fuel for this syndicated column.

Maybe that should be admired. I don't find it admirable.

George Will doesn't get it.

What is more of a shame, is that we STILL think we are without the authority to 'fix it'.

People like George F. Will will quietly, and suavely talk you into your grave.


Jim Chester