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Gate Keeper vs. Gate Crasher

Triple Darkness Repost

Gate Keeping is a serious problem which has been a blight on the African (Black) community ever since the early invaders of the Continent discovered that it was more profitable and less risky to rule by proxy through an artificially created, bought local elite.

Today we have so many Gate Keepers and a vast variety of gate keeping activities, it has become an almost "normal" experience. So much so that we often find ourselves pointing fingers at the militant, revolutionary activists (gate crashers) and tagging them as "trouble makers", radicals, militants or liberals without questioning why they have to cause trouble in the first instance. Most of us nowadays do not see gate keeping as a problem. Mainly because most of us are practising Gate Keepers.
  • What is a Gate Keeper?
  • What makes a Gate Keeper; are they born or are they made?
  • How do you recognise one?
  • Who do they work for?
  • How are they appointed and rewarded?
  • What can we do about this disease?
A Gate Keeper is a person who guards the interests of the oppressor against the advancing demands of the oppressed. He or she believes that it is their duty to prevent another person from doing something, saying something or going somewhere which the Gate Keeper thinks might cause offence to or encroach upon the authority of non-black people in power. ... Gate Keepers are usually from the community of which they feel duty bound to disenfranchise or act against.

In other words, a Gate Keeper is a traitor.

What makes a Gate Keeper?

Gate Keepers are not born backward, I do not believe that there is such a thing as a self-destructive traitor gene. Many diverse things may happen to a person as he or she grows up, that causes them to become who they are. How do you recognise a Gate Keeper and where do you look? The first thing you do is look at yourself. Do you see:

  1. someone who feels comfortable, energised, motivated and inspired when listening to, or associating with, anyone who speaks the truth, talks about freedom, opposes racism, exploitation, oppression and actively campaigns against social injustice?

  2. someone who gives credit where it is due, never trying to diminish the power or credibility of his or hercomrades?

  3. someone whose allegiance cannot be bought - at any price - by those who are currently waging a genocidal global war against you and your people?

  4. someone who will never betray their colleagues under any circumstance?

  5. someone who loves her / his people more than money or the trappings of "success"?

If you cannot answer "Yes" to all of those questions, you are most likely a Gate Keeper.

Red text my addition.

Racism systematically verifies itself anytime the slave

can only be free by imitating his master.

~ Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin ~
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