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Reply to "From Tel Aviv to Rio to London, Black Protest Against Police Brutality Is Catching Fire | The Global Movement Against Police Violence"

We are 7 billion I.N.D.I.V.I.D.U.A.L.S. Once upon a time every fuckin' one of us was a newborn. Right now, every one strip down to complete nudity. Everyone has the same equipment except the freaks with both, some with a lot, some with a little, some with itsy bitsys. We're just fucking PEOPLE. We look the way we do because of our parents hookup where you flew from one and hooked onto the to the egg for 9 months. THAT'S IT!!!! What we're all dealing with now is varying degrees of crazy every one has become touched with as they've matured. You're the COLOR of your parents. Who in the fuck can help that? You hair's straight, good for you; less problems combing. A little spritz of something and away you go. Maybe you look good, pretty or ugly as fuck. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. Some of us have to roll over ours with a tractor. That's OUR BUSINESS and some of us do a damn good job.

This superiority bullshit is in the minds of the snow ball colored INSANE. Everybody's born, they're living their lives in all kinds of ways, good, bad, nasty as fuck, homeless, wealthy beyond reproach, whatever. You'll live and then all our asses will be D.E.A.D. That's what all of us do on this planet. No one's special.

These cops are white men out of their racial minds. They fear the black man. He looks like a gorilla to him; he's afraid of repercussions from the Slave Trade Bullshit. His parents instilled racism into him when he was a little blonde-haired tot. Who the fuck knows. He's Charles Manson on Steroids when he sees one of our sons and our daughters too.

There are white people in the back woods of the south, they're so damn dumb and ignorant, no teeth, look like they're still going to outhouses; talking about guns and killing; probably hunting; you need a translator when they talk to know any semblance of what they're saying. There are black people down yonder, the same way. That happens because no one's reading books or didn't go to school, who knows???

All I know, all our bodies function the same. We sit on toilets, we pee, we bleed, we get sick, we catch diseases, we die. That's not SUPERIORITY ugly old Albino; that's just living. No matter how much luxury you have, when you go you'll have something to leave to your kids; others aren't as lucky. We all breathe, asshole, or we don't. What you do is THINK YOUR GOD and try your damndest to CONTROL and CONTROL you do, with GUNS AIMED EVERY FUCKIN' WHERE.

You have the go ahead to slaughter cows, chickens, people, because you have someone that tells you that's OK, and off you go. You know if YOU kill someone as a COP, FBI, CIA, HIJ, KLM, NOP, QRS, TUV, WXYZ; nothing's going to happen to you because the YT's in control have your ass. And will send you millions to keep you living large when no longer charge. YOU'RE A CAUCASOID GANG FROM ENGLAND. That's all you are.

The African living here, knows that's not the treatment he'll get. It will more than likely be Slave Patrol Cages or Death. All that happens because you conrol things with GUNS AIMED, BOMBS READY TO DROP. DRONES. NUCLEAR BOMBS READY. If you didn't have that shit, all of HUMANITY WOULD FLATTEN YOUR ASS WITH HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT. The Rock's not the ONLY big, bad, SIBERIAN NIGGEROO, there's plenty more where he came from.

You keep shooting us down like dogs, you're gonna run into them when you're NOT PAYING ATTENTION WHILE FOCUSED ON SOMETHING ELSE. (Possibly to kill.)


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