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Reply to "From Niggerhead to Negrohead to Ballard, a Mountain Finally Gets A Decent Name"

There are locations bearing the name of the 'N-word' all over the nation.

For instance:  The famous Camptown Races were run in Wyoming County located in Northeas PENNSYLVANIA!!

I know.

Like me, you thought those ladies with the twirling umbrellas were 'southern belles'.


And here's the 'kicker'.

Stephen Foster was a Pennsylvania native.

He was called 'The Pennsylvania Troubadour'.

And....guess what is 'right down the road??

'Negro Pond' changed from 'Nigger Pond' in the late 90s.

Pennsylvania maps labeled the body of water as 'Nigger Pond'....proudly.

Until I asked about it.


Jim Chester