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Reply to "Free Marissa Alexander. Stop Angela Corey."

Originally Posted by GoodMan:

She shot at her husband and his children. She also wasn't supposed to be at his house because she had an injunction against him for allegedly being abusive.Then after her shooting incident with him and getting out on bail, she went to his house and attacked him.


She shouldn't be put away for life, but she should get an appropriate sentence, with time served. She should've just took the three years she was offered because she was a woman and he was an alleged abuser.


Not celebrated or have these ridiculous protests that ignore the facts in the case that her husband lied for her, she lied for her, pled no contest to attacking him at his house after the shooting, she is a convicted domestic abuser and he was an unconvicted abuser, she shot at his children and her husband and missed, after he called her out for sleeping with another man which was her ex-husband Lionel Alexander and suspected the paternity of his child with her.


She invoked the Stand Your Ground law and loss her case because Stand Your Ground requires a separate hearing which the judge decides whether or not it is a justified defense,  if it is the defendant is immune and if not, the defendant proceeds to trial . It was that simple and Florida has a mandatory sentencing law. 


Also, George Zimmerman used self-defense law, not Stand Your Ground. 



Excellent summary of what happened during the incident -reading of court documents



Note. I edited some of the "facts" in my post because I got them confused:


Marissa Alexander wasn't on probation before the shooting, she was on bail after the shooting and went to Rico Gray's home and attacked him during an argument after dropping her kids off at there.


Marissa Alexander due to attacking Rico Gray at his home, not their marital home, pled no contest to domestic violence and violated her bail and was put in jail.


Rico Gray is an alleged abuser and does have other domestic violence court cases. Rico Gray did have Marissa Alexander file an injunction against him for domestic violence that restricted him from seeing her which she violated after not seeing him for two months and then going to stay at their marital home overnight while he is not there and then staying at when he got home for breakfast.


Invoking Stand Your Ground does not require the defendant to testify on the stand in the criminal case, but a separate hearing.