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Reply to "Free Marissa Alexander. Stop Angela Corey."

Originally Posted by Fabulous:

I guess if people want the real truth, they should check with the goodman.


You still didn't refute anything I said.


Actually nobody here refuted anything I typed and nobody can't.


You posted a Huffington Post article that said nothing, I posted court documents released by Marrissa Alexander's ex-Husband in partial. That you could've read the disposition, stand your ground dismal and many other things. I even had the opinion that you could've read.


Then I even posted an article which critiqued the news media and featured more court documents and details from the court document. Not spin media.


Point is, you have no argument, you didn't refute that Marissa Alexander shot at her husband's head and in direction of his children which got her in the situation in the first place and even was given a three year deal instead of the twenty-two year she got and rejected the 3 year deal.


You didn't refute Marissa Alexander went to Rico Gray's home and attacked him while out on bail when she wasn't supposed to be in contact with Rico Gray and pled no contest and got herself in jail.


You didn't refute Rico Gray lied for Marissa and Marissa lied about the garage being broken.


Refuted nothing at all regarding the court case.




Originally Posted by sunnubian:

No one said Zimmerman used the Stand Your Ground law.  We have discussed this fact in much earlier post than this one.  We know that Zimmerman had to change his mind about using the Stand Your Ground defense once the very people responsible for writing the law in the first place made public statements that what Zimmerman did does not fall under the Stand Your Ground defense.  


George Zimmerman is a dirty, grimy, coward-ass Child-Killer that got away with murder.


Marissa Alexander Marissa Alexander is being maliciously prosecuted the same as thousands of people every day in America's courts as punishment for having the audacity reject judicial extortion by invoking her Constitutional Rights, and because Angela Corey is a racist prosecutor and a dirty, grimy opportunist who is bolstering her own career on back of Marissa Alexander and other Black defendants.  




 Angela Corey is making an example out of Marissa Alexander because her supporters are trying to make an example out of her. That's why Angela Corey is now trying for a ridiculous 60 years when the Angela Corey gave her a deal of a 3 year sentence over a mandatory minimum.


It went from being the standard court case to a showdown when these protesters came out. The purpose of the prosecutor is to win cases for the State. Just like the purpose of the trial lawyer is to win cases for their client. Now Angela is going after to Marissa and it won't be pretty because now everything is going to come out and Marissa is going to look worse than she is. 


And yes, Angela Corey is going to make her career over this case and she'll probably be hated if she wins. 




And another thing, Michael Dunn got 60 years for shooting into a car full of African American teens and on attempted murder charges. He also invoked Stand Your Ground and shot a gun in the commission of a crime and he also felt threatened.


Marissa Alexander shoots at an African American man while he is holding his African American children and she gets a 3 year deal after she went to his house and attacked him while on bond and after she failed at getting immunity using Stand Your Ground and she could have been out in three years.


So they'll put Michael Dunn away for 60 years after he kills one of us and miss three others but on attempted murder charges not the actual murder because the jury somehow couldn't decide if it was self-defense or not, but they'll let Marissa back out in three years and she hit nothing.


Think about it. 






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