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Reply to "Free Marissa Alexander. Stop Angela Corey."

Originally Posted by GoodMan:



>>>>The mainstream and narrowly opinionated media tells half-truths.<<<


half-truths is a common theme even in this instance


>>>Here are the actual court documents (unfortunately it is on scribed and scribed seems to only give a preview or something.)<<<<<


Then I can't do anything with it, now can I?


The opinion


The dismal of the Stand Your Ground Defense


Rico Gray's Disposition (he admitted to lying about how abusive he was in his disposition later to protect his wife)


Here's an excellent informative, non-sensational, unbiased, article with a view of that is based off of the court documents..not mainstream media BS. Just ignore the seemingly pro-Zimmerman comments as in, such as, "Zimmerman could argue he was in fear of his life because of wounds from the conflict", it's not a pro-Zimmerman article but comparing the court cases.


People should actually read this article anytime Marissa Alexander comes up because it shows how much of a farce the protest is and how it is strictly political and being carried out by the media and liberals to get rid of a law they do not like. 


Mediatrackers is also an excellent non-mainstream news outlet because they try to be factual and they also critique mainstream news by fact checking it.



I guess if people want the real truth, they should check with the goodman.