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Reply to "Former congressman calls for revenge against Obama and Black Lives Matter for Dallas shooting"

sunnubian posted:
GoodMan posted:

I hope somebody posts where that dumbass lives and REAL NIGGAS come after him.


Now, that's what they haven't seen yet, "real niggers"; the ones who are waaay beyond giving a f--k [or really never have].  


White folks been getting some coloreds, negroes, black folks...

Everytime we had the niggas, the ones that everybody looks down upon, the downtrodden,the ones that don't really give a fuck too much about anything come out the wood works, there's a societal problem. They have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, and pissed off. 

When those types start got a problem. We've seen Black folks, typically middle aged Black men, who don't care about shit and start to care about something, but have nothing to gain. They tend to shoot at White folks. 

I hope somebody finds out his phone number and where he lives and he starts getting death threats and people call his house and I'll bet he'll shut the fuck up with that dumb illogical shit. I bet he wouldn't even type a letter on Twitter.