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Reply to "For the Sistas of"

Originally posted by MidLifeMan:
What is there not to love?

Every experience with Black women, good and bad, has helped me to grow into the man that I am and continue to grow into.

From the love and care I received from my mother and two older sisters, to the happiness and heartache in few short and long term relationships, to the friendship and wisdom shared by my female friends.

I love them in all ages, shapes, sizes, and skin tones. I love them sophisticated and ghetto.

So it is hard to choose just one moment or instance in my past as the most memorable.

But I think the most life changing moments would be the time I learn that beauty came in all skin tones.

I was laying next to one of my short term lovers one night and noticed how dark her completion was compared to mines. My brain said, "She's really dark", and I said, "So".
"But you have never really been "into" dark skin women. You have always obsessed on light skin women, ever since you were young", my brain continued.

It was then that I realized that I had been brainwashed by the constant images we are exposed to in this society that seems to say that "light, bright, and damn near white" is the preference for a man to want in a woman. Fortunately, I now can see the beauty in all the various skin tones, hair textures, butt sizes etc.
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That was like music to my ears. music