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Reply to "For the Sistas of"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Meditation on Beauty and the Black Woman
(A Work in Progress)

I know what this world says beauty is - as do we all.
But we who know just laugh: to this we will never be in thrall.
We know that beauty dwells both close to home and in far rarer places-
And that deep lovers need much skill before they can savor her embraces...
Beauty is shallow and skin deep but also deep as blood and bone...

When I close my eyes and lose all sense of space and time
So that I feel only the heat and strong pull of my blood,
Within this reverie, deepest of my deep down dreams,
The desire unfurls, sweetest in this world, for a brown skinned girl:
Her lips full, almond-eyed, my sistah, full of soul, and full round curves:
She and only she can ever be beauty-full for me....


I'm moved beyond words. ohsnap