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Originally posted by LovNThySoul:
Because Mother's day just past i was thinking of this and happened upon this thread.

I love God for blessing me with black women. I really do. I think of my mother and i hope this post is suited to this topic.

My mother was the most loving person i've ever known on this earth. I was only blessed with her prescene for 22years. In that time i learned and was taught what a loving woman was all about.

She loved our family like no other i have ever seen. Literally held together both sides, took care of her own mother, great grandmother, a woman from a nursing home by putting her in her own condo,taking a student that was about to be homeless and got her a place, bought her mother a car as a gift and battled terminal cancer all the way.

She was very compassionate and had empathy for everyone. She went out of her way to help anyone she could. She taught me how to be humble, and how what not to become.

See, i had a wonderful example of how to love another human being. She, my mother, was my learning example of how to love others. She received her Masters of Nursing while all of the above was going on. Took care of my father while he was on dialysis with full kidney failure. She was a woman that i know was special to God ...and to all of us.

I think of her and marveled at the depths of her loving heart and soul. She always had time for you, no matter who you were and had a level of patience and peace that most never knew existed.

My mother is gone from this earth but always remains in my heart. She holds a special place dear to me because of the example she gave and there is hardly a time that goes by that i don't think of her.

So special, so wonderfuly valuable to this earth and the ripple effects of her love touched thousands. Those thousands were at her funeral. They even dedicated a scholarship to her name and memory. She just went out of her way to help others.

Thank you my black mother, for instilling such a wonderful love in me. May i be worthy of passing that on to my son, and maybe one day a black woman to show her that real unconditional love still does exist.

Peace all and I love ya mom and i miss you always.

Your well taught pupil. Smile


Your post is VERY suited to the topic... thank you for sharing it Smile