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For the Sistas of

Why We Love Black Women

Originally posted by Sandye:
Dayum, is there anything at all that Brothers enjoy about Sisters besides eyes in the Den?

_____kiss_______ ____

Ok, Fellas here's your chance. On this thread we'll only be sending love.

QUESTION IDEAS: What are your favorite memories of loving a black woman? What sorts of things do you love about black women? If you're single, why do you still hold out hope of meeting the right Sista? If you've already met the right Sista what do you love about her?


(1) No dissin', hatin', or negativity.

(2) You are allowed to praise the physical BUT if the person just before you has praised the physical you MUST praise something else (mental, spiritual, etc.).

(3) You are allowed multiple posts. In fact, you're encouraged to post often. This thread should always be in play. You might want to tell us one thing per week for example. But try not to hog.

If you break the rules then the moderator of this thread will apply spank

You all know the violence of which I'm capable Wink

PS: We can still gripe about each other. I just found all the nothing-but-griping depressing. I thought it would be nice to have one thread devoted to positivity. If there was nothing positive or nothing that we liked we wouldn't be on here griping now would we? Smile
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