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Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
I think the word Latin best describe the language a person speaks rather than hispanic. The media always applies colour to a persons ethnic group,you think thats wrong. Black Cuban,Black Dominican shouldn't be used because it describes colour before ethnic group.

Well in Britain theres several catagories for black. Black caribbean,Black African, and Black other, Somali ect. The ethnic group comes after race.---cypress

I agree.

As I have noted in other threads over my time on the board, the British often refer to the peoples of India as 'black'.

Also noted was the fact that an English woman, wife of an army officer, wrote 'Little Black Sambo' while she was 'on station' with her husband.

There are no tigers in Africa you know.

I English model is a wrong as the United States model.

Both identify people by what they are.

Refusing to acknowledge who they are.

Clearly, in the British example, these people are immigrants WITH passports...that are cast aside in describing them in British society.


Jim Chester

Well In the UK you'd hardly ever hear an Indian person being called black even though their skin might be black, South Asian is more than likely.Alot of Somalis,Ethiopians,Eritreans are dark skinned caucasoid people,so thats where the black other catagory comes in. Some still are called black Africans being that these Aethiopids are some of the oldest Africans/ people in the world.

A person who is seen as 'new world' black (meaning a person born outside of Africa) would be call black, then their ethnicity would come after that.