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In any case, I'm still left wondering exactly what your point is. Do you have a similar reaction to articles about a "first" involving African-American Americans?---ricardomath

No, nor do I have the same reaction with articles regarding African Amerivan-Americans.

Or is it juat that you would simply prefer that they be refered to as African-Latin American Latin Americans?---ricardomath

As I alluded/implied in the original post, my 'ire' was directed at the reporter's insistance and a non-ethnic term.

Since it is clear, restating the known is needed:

Hispanic is not about ethnicity. Hispoanic is the term chosen to identify all those people who are not Spanish, but are born in some other nation that speaks Spanish as its primary language.

And even that term is often misapplied to the people of Brazil, Trinidad, Haiti, and such.

I honestly haven't got a clue what this thread is all about, JWC.---ricardomath

This has to be a case of insistent ignorance.

We had this discussion many times.

Clearly, you don't know because you don't want to know.

Clearly, it is not a matter of intellect.


Jim Chester