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Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
If someone identifies as any of the above people in the colour code, then you still can't say for sure that a person is identifing by his or her race. Its only their ethnic group because you'll find these ethnic groups have many races,small or large.---cypress

I'm not sure I know what you are saying here.

Neither 'black', nor 'hispanic' is an ethnicity.

What do Puerto Ricans have in common with Mexicans...other than language?

A person of African descent if their hispanic should have the option to call themselves Afro-Latino American or African Latino ect .I think that description is more broad.---cypress

The person always has that authority.

The point here is that the media is making the assignment of identity.

The category assigned is 'black-and-hispanic'.

This is that special category assigned by European America to persons who are both of African descent AND descendant of a person born in a nation where Spanish is the primary language, other than Spain itself.

The person cannot be only hispanic, or of whatever appropriate ancestral nationality.

The 'color-code' system requires that the person must be distinguished in the fact that she, in this case, is 'black'.

This is about applying the dominance of your position in society to those different from you.


Jim Chester

I think the word Latin best describe the language a person speaks rather than hispanic. The media always applies colour to a persons ethnic group,you think thats wrong. Black Cuban,Black Dominican shouldn't be used because it describes colour before ethnic group.

Well in Britain theres several catagories for black. Black caribbean,Black African, and Black other, Somali ect. The ethnic group comes after race.

On the term in britain:

Some like it Some don't.