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This crap pisses me off.

Just what is that suppose to mean?

Dose it mean not the first 'black' graduate? We know that is not true.

Does it mean not the first 'hispanic' graduate" We should not believe that it not true, but I, personally, do not know.

Aaaaw! The person who is both 'black' AND 'hispanic'.

I'm going to label this shit 'invoking the color code'.

American society is always yelling about the 'race card'.

Yet America is constantly applying the 'color code' to Americans of African ancestry, known and unknown.

What an insult.

Why couldn't this soldier, even in death, be recognized for who she is/was, e.g. Jamaican-American, or Cuban-American, or Columbian-American. or Mexican-American, etc.

No. She MUST identified by her color and (ancestral) language even in death.



Jim Chester
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