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Reply to "FINALLY SOME GOOD ADVICE!!! -How To Get A Man In Four Weeks Or Less - If You Want One"

Originally posted by Sandye:
Women are not all looking to blame others for our poor choices.

Yeah but some women are looking to draw sympathy from others for having to ordeal such a "horrible relationship". I don't buy it.

The worst that a woman makes her ex out to sound, the worst it makes her look for staying with that person.

And some women say "Preach to your brethren; maybe they'll listen"....What???

Those cats got it too good. They don't have to do anything cause their damaged esteem girlfriend provides everything. They just have to make sure not to show her too much respect and not ever give her the impression that he is fully hers. See this keeps her sense of worth low and leaves her on shaky ground.

These types of brothas aren't bound by ethics or convicted on firm principals like traditional black men.