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Reply to "FINALLY SOME GOOD ADVICE!!! -How To Get A Man In Four Weeks Or Less - If You Want One"

Originally posted by little minx:
Frenchy asked the question (paraphrasing) "What is the point of having a "gameplan" when there aren't enough available players?" For example, I can go to church--an obviously nice place to find decent men--with a gameplan, but if men are scarce in the church, my gameplan is useless. But when I go into the county jails and detention units, the drug-infested street corners, the drug and counseling rehab facilities, and the local bars and liquor stores, in those environments, I will find Black men are plentiful! My "gameplan" would be useful in these environments, but what is the probability of any woman wanting to establish relationships with men in those situations, if she is smart?


Here perhaps is my biggest difficulty with black women (coming from the Bible Belt). Us men are supposed to be either up in the church or in the prisons. Either Preachers or Prisoners.

But a lot of us professional and single brothers aren't in either of those places. We're living productive lives and we don't identify with the church. And so we're not there. But on the other hand there are alot of players and creeps (I personally know a few) going to the churches because that's where all the women are.

Much of my dating difficuly with black women has been due to my refusal to toe the "Bible believing" line on religion.

So as to the GAMEPLAN maybe it's necessary to also think outside the box and do something besides go to church or to the crackhouse?

PS: Not to disrespect anyone's religion, but you can quote verses about not being yoked to unbelievers all you want but I really don't think that the current state of black relationships is what God had in mind.

PSS: There are plenty of other verses which go completely unmentioned (like giving up all you have to follow Christ, etc., etc.)

PSSS: I'm also not in the bars, rehab centers, or liquor stores. I do Buddhist meditation. I love art and literature. I love movies. I have other hobbies too.