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Reply to "FINALLY SOME GOOD ADVICE!!! -How To Get A Man In Four Weeks Or Less - If You Want One"

Originally posted by little minx:
also you did not answer the question about your physcial fitness. women have eyes to see as much as a man does. no offense, but just as a man does not want a fat chick, a woman doesn't want a fatty fatty boyfriend.

I was trying not to toot my own horn (I don't have problems getting a date - it's sustaining a relationship) but if you insist...most women tell me I'm really atractive - some might even say "pretty boy". I'm by no means at all fat. Athletic is probably a better description. Not slender but solid. Used to go to the gym 3 times a week (until about 2 months ago due to an injury).

I really don't think my physical appearance is the problem. Although a lot of 5'6" sisters want 6'+ brothers because "they like to wear those heels" and I'm only 5'9"

PS: thanks for clarifying "whiny" - I'm not that either

PSS: Even if I were butt ugly and obese you'd still think, on statistical grounds alone, I'd have better luck than I do.
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