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Reply to "FINALLY SOME GOOD ADVICE!!! -How To Get A Man In Four Weeks Or Less - If You Want One"

Originally posted by little minx:
rowe, it's not an editor's job to emphasize, magnify or polarize our fears. it's their job to sell magazines. rowe, if we as women did not buy the magazines, these magazines would not sell so well. the only reason they continue to prey on us is because "we" as women eat it up, and buy magazines by the tons with topics about how to keep and get a man. again, it's the chicken or the egg question.

then there's the question of balance. these issues don't need to be magnified, but there is nothing wrong with a man or a woman wanting to know how to keep their relationship strong. don't men's magazines feature articles about how to please a woman? should men take this as a sign that there is something terribly wrong with them? no. women need not be obsessed with the topic, but we are more relationship oriented, more home and hearth based than men. so relationship stuff will be read more often by women. men are statistically more likely to be interested in how to financially support their family and be a strong head of household.

not many women responding?that was because when you posted this not many had responded yet. but as you can see now, women are weighing in whether they agree or disagree. interestingly i find that when women really disagree with a topic, they respond swiftly and sharply to the topic.

"we" are not complaining about not being able to find men? are you kidding? this forum is awash with women who do feel that it is difficult to find a relationship with a black man. maybe that's not an issue for you and me, but let's not ignore that many women on this forum do feel that finding a man to have a RELATIONSHIP with is difficult. we could all walk out the door and find somebody to sleep with but a relationship is alittle more complicated. that's why raheem is posting this. women go into the mens forum and talk about how difficult it is to find a man too. maybe not specifically in four weeks, but that is a common statement on this board from women.

i am in total agreement with you. the issue is much more complex than "i can't find a man". however, to the single woman in her late thirties to early forties, it sure does seem to be the main manifestation of the societal issue. recognizing that it is a societal issue may or may not assist the woman who is looking for a mate and consequently a family in the near future. the focus should be on the larger picture, because in the long run it would help us all. but again, this is raheem's way of addressing the manifestation of the societal issue which some women find very painful. we as a community need to find ways to increase black male involvment in the family. for if a black man is a father and husband, he naturally becomes more interested in the community in which he is raising and educating his children. we've seen that manifested. so it does make sense to try to assist in helping to develop and strengthen the BLACK FAMILY. this begins with boy meets girl, so it makes sense to try and facilitate that event. i don't think the onus should be on women. however since we are the ones with the foresight to see this as an issue, and we are the ones who are most interested in knowing how to start a long term relationship, then it makes sense to give us some tools to this effect.

well put! tfro